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How congrego works

Our platform is built on a client centred approach to care. This means that we aim to help the people who use health and social services, and their support network to be equal players in their own care journey.  

Congrego couples this approach with care intelligence to integrate smart technology with machine learning with the goal to help improve care outcomes.

We built congrego to support our own families and communities who use care services because we recognised the need to change the way care happens.

Smarter care environments

By better understanding the needs of the client and the characteristics of carers, our platform makes it possible to achieve better matching to ensure the best possible care team.


Our platform also handles the monitoring of carer and care context requirements. 


Real-time capture of the care experience

Our platform makes it super easy for clients, carers and even the care community to update information in real time.


As well, we integrate our platform with smart environments and wearable technologies to get the best understanding of the care experience. 

Genuine care intelligence

Through our platform we collect many data points relating to the client and their care environment.


We use privacy preserving machine learning to assist in the diagnosis and development of care plans to deliver true intelligence to the care team.


Access for the

care community

Our platform makes it possible for the care community to remain engaged in the care journey.


Importantly, by providing secure access to the clients care team and support network. This transparent access ensures that the evidence is available to assist in advocating for the clients care needs.

Improved care outcomes

Our platform focuses on client goals, by steering away from the negative story line and promoting the positive narrative of the clients journey we help improve care outcomes. 


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